J. D. Nelson experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory.

His bizarre poems and experimental texts have appeared in many
small press and underground publications around the world.

J. D.'s audio experiments (recorded under the name OWL BRAIN ATLAS)
are available online at

OWL NOISE 0, his album of experimental spoken word is available as a free download.

Since 1990, his audio recordings, interviews, poetry readings, live performances and
culture hacking experiments have been broadcast on several radio stations in the
United States. Recently, his audio experiments were included as part of the 101-hour
Dada and Surrealism Festival broadcast by KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon.

His video art is online at YouTube.

J. D. lives two blocks south of the 40th parallel north in Colorado, USA.

MySpace : Audio Experiments : YouTube : Contact : Facebook



Good News for Night Owls : The Beatnik
Later, at Feeney's : The Beatnik
(haiku) : The Beatnik
The Good News Dumpsters of Chicago : The Beatnik
Worth a Pepsi : Unlikely 2.0
It Implies the Outline of the ECHO : Unlikely 2.0
baseline brain gank : Unlikely 2.0
Philip K. Thick : The Poetry Warrior


pig twee' like "U" never! : Calliope Nerve Part XVII
By the Time I get to Feeney's : Calliope Nerve Part XVII
Tuesday Exits Occasionally : BadWriter
Wheat Cent Mafia : Otoliths Issue 11
GUNCHA WHUT : Otoliths Issue 11
Aleph Garden : Otoliths Issue 11
Teeming w/ Toulouse : Otoliths Issue 11
aboard an imperceptible ship : Otoliths Issue 11
Made Sure I'd Huff'd : Otoliths Issue 11




Bee (Using Mouth "C") Recites "T" : Marymark Press Give-Out Sheet Series 2008
Gene, Please! : Marymark Press Give-Out Sheet Series 2008
you dropped the clean rag? : Instruction Manual
ante meridiem : Instruction Manual


EARTHPEA DISAPPROVES : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #5
Gimme some Smurf-curds : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #5

JULY 2008

The Mirror Image of the Mirror Image of the Mirror Image : Lit Chaos Print Issue #1
That of the Zolar Rat : Lit Chaos Print Issue #1
The Origin of the Origin of the Origin : Lit Chaos Print Issue #1
You'll arrive 12 hours before you do not leave : Lit Chaos Print Issue #1

JUNE 2008

Hum Birdness : Brain Deaf Issue #1

MAY 2008

Vortex Strophe : Starfish Poetry Issue VII
Murmur the Confused (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 8, Part 1
sloaching vernore (lock-fist) (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 8, Part 1
The Sound of Fresh Christmas Spruce (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 8, Part 1
5mOKe 4 (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 8, Part 1
Grape Ink th' Ink Swimmy (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 8, Part 1
simulcast simulacra (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 8, Part 1

APRIL 2008

Maybe a Radish : Pfft! Issue 1
candy heels dig into desert crust : Pfft! Issue 1
Battery-Phantoms are Everywhere Now : Pfft! Issue 1
Joy Joy Joy Inkless : Pfft! Issue 1
Windcheckers Blastic Panoleum : Pfft! Issue 1

MARCH 2008

My Name is my Initials : Conceit Magazine
Jetty Cake Pigs : The Cerebral Catalyst


Secret Poetry Apple : The Beatnik
Kolorado in my Eyes Makes me Fry : The Beatnik


Murmur the Confused : Otoliths Issue 8
sloaching vernore (lock-fist) : Otoliths Issue 8
The Sound of Fresh Christmas Spruce : Otoliths Issue 8
5mOKe 4 : Otoliths Issue 8
Grape Ink th' Ink Swimmy : Otoliths Issue 8
simulcast simulacra : Otoliths Issue 8
7 Chances : The Cerebral Catalyst
Believin' is Easy : Cherry Bleeds Issue #153
Crowe Stole Smokes from Dog Breath's Truck : Calliope Nerve Part XV
Inkwell Smarty vs. the Crocodile Coca-Cola Monster : Calliope Nerve Part XV
Funky Dunk : Calliope Nerve Part XV
Lil' Exxer : Calliope Nerve Part XV
The Canada of the Canada of the Canada : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #100 (print only)
ENTER THE WORM : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #100 (online & print)


in the useless garden of broken light bulbs & tissue : The Shantytown Anomaly Issue #6


offhand Leo & Regulus : Bolts of Silk
White Worm / Blue Mud : Lit Chaos Issue 28
From the classified ad section of the psychedelic medical newspaper : Lit Chaos Issue 28
The Eight Facts of the Supernew Haiku : Lit Chaos Issue 28
The Matrix of the Matrix of the Matrix : Lit Chaos Issue 28
far eye : The Beatnik
Out Back Burning Newspapers : The Beatnik
None Better Breakfast : The Beatnik
Maybe Saturday : The Beatnik


Red Ted's Haunted Taco Shack : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #4
Huh-Huh-Huh Wings! : Wings of Icarus
Red Rows for a Louvre : Wings of Icarus
Ice Cream After Church (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 6, Part 1
as we read (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 6, Part 1
outside the bottom again (reprint) : Otoliths Issue 6, Part 1
haiku : Bolts of Silk


fast-food watercolor (reprint) : My Time Lunch Break Anthology
a funky burner: (reprint) : My Time Lunch Break Anthology
CAW! : My Time Lunch Break Anthology
Ugh! Beezo Weep : Thieves Jargon Issue 152
lookee th' klinker : decomP
One Mean Omelet : Letter X Vol. 9


stone face, tongue of dust (reprint) : West Memphis Witch Hunt Anthology
a spider's prayer (reprint) : West Memphis Witch Hunt Anthology
bloodlord (reprint) : West Memphis Witch Hunt Anthology
TOADFISH SLIGHTLY : why vandalism?
Arrows & EYES of the Known Future : why vandalism?

JULY 2007

Ice Cream After Church : Otoliths Issue 6
as we read : Otoliths Issue 6
outside the bottom again : Otoliths Issue 6
in the woods w/ elephants : Instant Pussy 13.5
Mended Ox, No Egg "Yoke" : The Cerebral Catalyst

JUNE 2007

Career Day : Mad Swirl
wispy wasp : Mad Swirl
memo : Mad Swirl
The glyphs on their abdomens indicate deadliness : Calliope Nerve Part XI
---- memo ---- : remark. Issue 53

MAY 2007

knock-knock : The Quirk Issue One
Good news & gloom in every spoonful : Outsider Writers
remember when salads were fun? : Outsider Writers
Take my choo-choo : Outsider Writers
Bamboo Hut Poem : Bolts of Silk
Mars (Mexico) : Academia: Paradigm! Colon! Long Title! #3
Standing in Front of the Wormy Apple Liquor Store : Academia: Paradigm! Colon! Long Title! #3
Creep of Wheat : Calliope Nerve Part X
Uncharted : Mad Swirl
I become a spider at night : Mad Swirl
haiku : Creators Renaissance MagaZine : Volume 1 Issue 1
haiku : Bolts of Silk
More Morf, Murfree! : Haggard & Halloo
Galloping Across New Mexico on my Wonder-Horse : Waterbrain Edition 01
Lightbulb Schnapps, America! : Calliope Nerve Part IX
fourteen : Bolts of Silk
hazy dawn : Bolts of Silk
I Stole Your Lung : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #3
Universal Gene : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #3

APRIL 2007

Spiders in my Beard I-XXV (25 poems) : The Virtual Chemists Vol. 2
Your lips aren't as moist as the little card says : Haggard & Halloo
hmmph : In Between Hangovers Issue #5
ink words infinity : ArtCandy
The New Saturday Circus : ArtCandy
steel wool : ArtCandy
Yogurt & Raisins : ArtCandy

MARCH 2007

someone said turkey leg : The Shantytown Anomaly Broadside #1 (reprint)
A gift from The Dollar Toad... : Otoliths Issue 4, Part 1 (reprint)
Blue Honey : Otoliths Issue 4, Part 1 (reprint)
A Child Eating Raw Bacon : Otoliths Issue 4, Part 1 (reprint)
Shogun Sez: : Otoliths Issue 4, Part 1 (reprint)
We'll be back w/ the answer in 30 seconds : Otoliths Issue 4, Part 1 (reprint)
assuming the worst : Calliope Nerve Part VIII
Noah Who? : The Boy's No Good Anthology
Day 128 -- fantastic speech : ken*again Vol. 8 No. 1
Careful w/ that Clipboard, Dr. Whittington! : ken*again Vol. 8 No. 1
Long enough for my coffee to get cold : ken*again Vol. 8 No. 1
nice work tonight : ken*again Vol. 8 No. 1
flax! foxy read'r : ken*again Vol. 8 No. 1
9-Way Shrimp : Barfing Frog Press
did I forget a comma? : The Flask Review Issue 5
weatherman : The Flask Review Issue 5
math poem : The Flask Review Issue 5
BURNT SCOTCH : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #83
Owl Dick Soup : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #83


Another Broadcast Day : Haggard & Halloo
Ukiah No. 239 : Halfway Down the Stairs Issue IV
autumnal : Halfway Down the Stairs Issue IV
The Job Hunter (reprint) : Instant Pussy No. 12
Ether/Orb : The Beatnik
The Passion of Ghoul Lord Extra-XX : Haggard & Halloo
PATCHES / Pick "5" : Good Liar Issue 1
Start w/ a Mistake : Good Liar Issue 1
At Last! : Good Liar Issue 1
Mr. Mean Joe Green Jeans : Lit Chaos
USA 13 w/ Teeth & Teeth & Teeth : Lit Chaos
you're writing this as you're reading it : Lit Chaos
What's my Name Again? : The Cerebral Catalyst
The New Hamburger : Haggard & Halloo
User 23 : Boston Literary Magazine Winter 2007
A gift from The Dollar Toad... : Otoliths Issue 4
Blue Honey : Otoliths Issue 4
A Child Eating Raw Bacon : Otoliths Issue 4
Shogun Sez: : Otoliths Issue 4
We'll be back w/ the answer in 30 seconds : Otoliths Issue 4


Approximations : In Between Hangovers Issue #4
a spider's prayer : Mad Swirl
Ukiah No. 151 : Mad Swirl
kneecaps & steel beads : Mad Swirl
I still can't see what you're holding : Mad Swirl
blue cake : Haggard & Halloo
'Ello, Mud Mouth : Calliope Nerve Part VII
my frozen heart of black bat leather : Word Riot
Look at Me with November Eyes, Child : Word Riot
dry your eyes with fire : Mad Swirl
Crystal Kit : Mad Swirl
Wishlist : Mad Swirl
Essential replication of twelve known crystal-solids : The Shantytown Anomaly Issue #4
math church : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #75
The Whimpering Snowman : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #75


taxi cabs : Sour Grapes Zine*
weather stn. : 2007 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar
We can't afford the magic holiday glass, honey. : Thieves Jargon Issue 126
Taco-Bear is Tired of Games, Baby : Haggard & Halloo
have faith in us, the space people : Blue Murder Poetry
SPORK CORK : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #2
acquired tastes : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #2
World Weight: 80 : Zygote in my Coffee Print Edition #2
The Giant Sand Statue Comes to Life : Teekup Zine No. 18
Office Poem : systemBitch
my LED eyes blink when I'm blushing : systemBitch
in the back of a west-bound bus : systemBitch
Shivering in the cold mud of a New Earth : systemBitch
The Job Hunter : Pussy Lickin' Good (Instant Pussy Anthology)
Dog Meat Burrito (reprint) : Pussy Lickin' Good (Instant Pussy Anthology)
Nights in Satan's Cervix (reprint) : Pussy Lickin' Good (Instant Pussy Anthology)
Future Tense : dripping ink
Vex Reef, Part 2 : Calliope Nerve Part VI
good funk galaxy : Calliope Nerve Part VI
in case of lightning or insects : Blue Murder Poetry
Tarantula Dream : Letter X Vol. 8
Hot Coffee is Bad for your DNA : Letter X Vol. 8
I'm growing Play-Doh : Haggard & Halloo
for KMH : Bolts of Silk
There's a Green Line Running through this Poem : WARD 6 Review


Happy Apple Day! : Haggard & Halloo
a short appeal: : In Between Hangovers Issue #3
No. 7 : remark. Issue 47
For a Raccoon : remark. Issue 47
Helping a Skinny Girl With the Disk Drive : The Cerebral Catalyst
How do the hippies drink this stuff? : Haggard & Halloo
Breakfast is Late Again : Instant Pussy No. 11


The Smell of Sunday Chicken After Church : Haggard & Halloo
Palindrome Guy from Utah : Halving a Baby
the white hot whine of sunshine : Letter X Vol. 7
bloated : Beside the White Chickens Fall 2006
Old Style Eddie : Halving a Baby
The Golden Boots Have Arrived : Otoliths Issue 2, Part 1 (reprint)
The Letters H.B.T. : Otoliths Issue 2, Part 1 (reprint)
the millipede makes its midnight run : Otoliths Issue 2, Part 1 (reprint)
Use this Introduction : coupremine
[STA 30] : coupremine
BREAK TIME : coupremine
BTN23 : coupremine
gracias, por favor : Haggard & Halloo
compound pirate : Venereal Kittens
You Get Red : Calliope Nerve Part IV
no new science : Haggard & Halloo
You're Welcome : Sein und Werden the tenth
My Breakfast Mythology : Literary Chaos Vol. 2 Issue 13
5,000 Pesos : Literary Chaos Vol. 2 Issue 13
Ten bucks, Joe! : Literary Chaos Vol. 2 Issue 13
it's the high plains dreamer with a squirt-gun full of lemonade : Literary Chaos Vol. 2 Issue 13
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Friday Night 'In the Mix' : Zygote in my Coffee Issue #68
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Ann Romano is Alive and Living in Indianapolis : Instant Pussy No. 10
country music on the radio : The Orange Room Review


here's that undiscovered bird : The Shantytown Anomaly Issue #3
microphone dream : ken*again Vol. 7 No. 3
It's Always 3 AM in Norway : ken*again Vol. 7 No. 3
Green Plastic Chief : ken*again Vol. 7 No. 3
11:32 AM - hot lunch : ken*again Vol. 7 No. 3
free jazz: bottlecap : ken*again Vol. 7 No. 3
pyramid one : ken*again Vol. 7 No. 3
the wind blows my mind : Bolts of Silk
Cornmeal Mush : Socket Shocker Magazine No. 3
What's Been Omitted? : The Sidewalk's End Volume 8, Issue 1
brains on babytoast : Haggard & Halloo
City Frog : Lost Owl Poetry Ezine ***


the prince of pieces : Dying Writers
OK, Chuy : Dying Writers
Naked Wool Blanket Ritual : Dying Writers
Scrambled Yeggs : Dying Writers
Big Ghost Reptile Toes & Werewolf Butt-Clenchings : Dying Writers
Big Fish : The Cerebral Catalyst
Oral Report : Haggard & Halloo
Mr. Plant's little woman stays drunk all the time : Thieves Jargon Issue 108
a rainbow & a rooster : Thieves Jargon Issue 108
here comes another one : Thieves Jargon Issue 108
Like the Bastard Wind on Planet Nowhere : wire sandwich Issue 4
Thank You, Eddie Harris : Haggard & Halloo
For Charles Mingus, on His Birthday : Whistling Shade
Postcard Shark Leather : decomP
Actual Names of American Salons : Instant Pussy No. 9

JULY 2006

The Golden Boots Have Arrived : Otoliths Issue 2
The Letters H.B.T. : Otoliths Issue 2
the millipede makes its midnight run : Otoliths Issue 2
Cowboy : Monday Night Issue 5
breakfast nook po-em : The Onion Union
sex has no place in organized violence : The Onion Union
909 for Space Cat (out back in the catnip patch) : Zygote in my Coffee
I, Zenith : Zygote in my Coffee
Dream Detail : Instant Pussy
25 Laurel Ave. : The Indite Circle
Esther vs. the Sewing Machines : The Indite Circle
Olden Pharm. : Haggard & Halloo
where do you robots come up with this stuff? : Red Fez
who sent you anyway? : Red Fez
with a box of teeth : Vacancy
a cardboard shrine for the blind spider god : Vacancy
butterknife in the light socket : Vacancy
sports team mascot parade : Vacancy
This is the Dream Sequence (Version 11.P.Z-24) : The Cerebral Catalyst
Pencil Point : Merge Poetry

JUNE 2006

hilly wind : Zygote in my Coffee
I'm going back to the gelatin factory, where my friends call me Rooster : Zygote in my Coffee
lookin' fer a nickel in a HEY SMACK : Haggard & Halloo
Space Faced : Zygote in my Coffee (print edition #1)
Seas of Pizza Grease and Cucumber Salad Dressing : Zygote in my Coffee (print edition #1)
goo' morn' : Dying Writers
An Owl Named Thor : Dying Writers
little bird wig! : Dying Writers
I awoke with cobwebs in my mouth : Dying Writers
extra special : Dying Writers
it's a big football Sunday : Dying Writers
Last Will & Testament of J. Abacus Zebra : StrangeRoad
collapsible brainstem jr. : StrangeRoad
it ain't a taco after all, officer. : StrangeRoad
square ten-star coin : StrangeRoad
Monday Morning : StrangeRoad
Little Oogy Gorilla : StrangeRoad
Barbarella babe on TV speaking to me at 3:50 AM : StrangeRoad
Ghost Template : StrangeRoad
Snack Time : Thieves Jargon
Plus One Tony the Yap : Thieves Jargon
I don't want to see what can't be seen : Thieves Jargon
This was written on a napkin in clown's blood : Haggard & Halloo
the earthlings (as they called themselves) : Dispatch
Butterfly : Boston Literary Magazine
Bronco Sunday : Meeting of the Minds Anthology
Mutha Trucker : The Cerebral Catalyst

MAY 2006

spider knot : Dying Writers
courage is a salty milkshake : Dying Writers
fire, fire with water : Dying Writers
Earth Yearn : Dying Writers
looking through a porthole at a burning planet : Dying Writers
Big dog-patch : Haggard & Halloo
Possessed Near Red Square : Underground Window
The Best Taco You'll Ever Have : Underground Window
What Up w/ the Bird Doc : Underground Window
try a cherry-vanilla root beer : Underground Window
27 April : Underground Window
decursio : Underground Window
Thank Gosh I Found You : Underground Window
Not Boston, Not Denver, Not Tokyo -- Nowhere on Earth! : Void Magazine
in my flying pyramid : Void Magazine
The Night of the KISS Concert : Haggard & Halloo
the sound of a far-off bell : Calliope Nerve
Your Shoelace is Untied, Sir : Calliope Nerve
drunk prank : Thieves Jargon
BBQ : Thieves Jargon
a jar of moths : Lunatic Chameleon
there's one on your shoulder : Lunatic Chameleon
The Beetle Creeps : Lunatic Chameleon
Haiku No. 119 : Lunatic Chameleon
Haiku No. 77 : Lunatic Chameleon
haiku : tinywords
Running with Mercury Jams : Green Panda Press Anthology
Sgt. Boomer : The Hiss Quarterly Volume III, Issue 2
mustard teeth & cigarette breath at the junkyard : Vacancy
I hate 'cold & sunny' : Vacancy
Skipper makes good sense : Vacancy

APRIL 2006

bug eyes doing anything : Haggard & Halloo
glue sanction : The Cerebral Catalyst
Your flame is lovely tonight : Sein und Werden the eighth
Smell the Dust of Church Construction? : Haggard & Halloo
In the Movie Theater of My Bookstore Mind : From A Common Spring Vol. 2
nova shards : From A Common Spring Vol. 2
point of you : From A Common Spring Vol. 2
no one tells me anything : From A Common Spring Vol. 2
True Red Zero : From A Common Spring Vol. 2
Wax Trax : Zygote in My Coffee
cold chocolate soup : Voltaire's Inkwell Volume 1 Issue 1
You're just in time : Lit Chaos
So East, it's West : Lit Chaos
The Worst Wednesday in Weeks : Lit Chaos
What'd You Hear, Ezra? : Lit Chaos
Over Easy : Lit Chaos

MARCH 2006

Giraffe Poem w/ a Root Beer in a Black Glass Bottle : slon
Gum Gun : Haggard & Halloo
Diet Tokyo Pig : The Dream People Issue 25
Best Fist Forward : Boh�me
I heard a human voice : Boh�me
Brain Radio, Brain Rodeo : Boh�me
Honeyspoon Cube : Boh�me
Would yuh use magic if yuh knew some? : Zygote in My Coffee Issue #61
Gelatin Monkey Brush : ken*again Vol. 7, No. 1
toothpaste & kitchen matches : ken*again Vol. 7, No. 1
Jazz & Russian Astronomy : ken*again Vol. 7, No. 1
only an hr & a half : ken*again Vol. 7, No. 1
The Rabbit Blinked : ken*again Vol. 7, No. 1
Liversmith : 99 Burning
yegg yog the transit snack : 99 Burning
Morning Zeus : Zygote in My Coffee Issue #60
soon : The Apple Valley Review Vol. 1, Issue 1
Number 26 : The Sidewalk's End
Yes, Fern, Let's : decomP
I've been in this cave for too long : The Shantytown Anomaly Issue #2
someone said turkey leg : The Shantytown Anomaly Issue #2
sunrise: 6:05 AM : Megaera
My whiskers are dripping w/ melted butter & egg yolks : Megaera
eyes:fozen/open : Letter X Vol. 5
Staunch Listerine Almond Weather : Letter X Vol. 5


someone step forward w/ a daydream poem : Haggard & Halloo
into the particle-blitz : Instant Pussy
Helper Rabbit & The C.L.A.W. : Instant Pussy
A Thimble of Midnight Moon Juice : Instant Pussy
Where are my notes? : Instant Pussy
the killer watermelon has me by the throat : Instant Pussy
The Rug in the Principal's Office : Instant Pussy
drack that tabaccy water : 99 Burning
Radio Dream : 99 Burning
Slangin' w/ Dr. "C" : 99 Burning
Six-to-ten w/ a wad of used bandages : 99 Burning
Saturn : 99 Burning
It's only the wind making fun of the crickets : 99 Burning
Rip the Knob Off : 99 Burning
This is Item 33 : 99 Burning
Laughing Bats, Silver Pennies & Jesus Cake : 99 Burning
lewd gesture here : Zygote in my Coffee
Kentuckified sick hen : Haggard & Halloo
Beekeeper Blues : The Cerebral Catalyst
Weave Seven : Thieves Jargon
scientific kisses : Thieves Jargon
recession : The Centrifugal Eye
never as cold as the life in your eyes : The Centrifugal Eye


9 haikoids : Triptych Haiku
sweet yes yes : Boh�me
Not in my town! : Boh�me
Quote TURZ : Boh�me
Doctor Whom : Boh�me
El Loco : Zygote in my Coffee
Sniper : Instant Pussy
Room 101 : Instant Pussy
Rodeo Werewolf : Instant Pussy
Angel of Death : Instant Pussy
Exabyte Pond : Instant Pussy
a month's rent, or more : Instant Pussy
The Taco Gorilla : Instant Pussy
My Real Machine Name : children churches & daddies
plus 1 : children churches & daddies
Thursday Afternoon : Red Fez
Impressions of a Future Sound : Red Fez
What's With Those Crossed Sabres? : Mad Hatters' Review Issue 4
It Didn't Grow Legs and Walk Away : Mad Hatters' Review Issue 4
7, 8, 9, 10 : Mad Hatters' Review Issue 4
In A Perfect World, You'd Complain That You Were Bored : Mad Hatters' Review Issue 4
Let's Have Fried Chicken For Dinner : Mad Hatters' Review Issue 4
bad bus etiquette : Zygote in My Coffee
Ca-Na-Da : Underground Literary Adventures
Gorilla Tab : Underground Literary Adventures
the nurse said she saw stars shoot out : The Indite Circle
Jupiter : Haggard & Halloo
Green Comet : SubtleTea
Credit Check : SubtleTea
Centipede Spit : The Cerebral Catalyst


garden crime scene : 2006 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar
1 haiku : AHA! Poetry
Spock's Laser : Zygote in my Coffee : Poem of the Week
In the Black-Light M�tley Cr�e Room : Zygote in my Coffee
shoulder keg : Get Underground
A Writer Writes : Get Underground
American Art : Get Underground
Descriptions of the Process (when she was blonde, too!) : Get Underground
Great Oil : Get Underground
International House of Bibles : children churches & daddies
Crowe's Favorite Recipe : Instant Pussy
Dog Meat Burrito : Instant Pussy
Swear to God : Instant Pussy
Waiting for the Breakfast Burrito Clown : Instant Pussy
The Howl of the White Wolf : Instant Pussy
Nights in Satan's Cervix : Instant Pussy
anyone's guess : Haggard & Halloo
A Blister on the Heel of the Good-Time Foot : Zygote in My Coffee
Two Oakland Raiders pseudo-haiku : AntiMuse
I've been turning into a reptile all day : AntiMuse
Mr. Lee : Thieves Jargon
Where Have I Seen Your Face Before? : Thieves Jargon
Give me a holler th' next time that ol' flesh wagon comes rollin' through town : Thieves Jargon
politely ask me again : Boh�me
fix that piano : Boh�me
Donny's : Haggard & Halloo
Boulder, 1:02 AM : Scorched Earth


How Do You Like My Typing Machine? : The Cerebral Catalyst
The Flies with Tiny Halos : Zygote in my Coffee
'T'ain't Easy Bein' th' Cowboy Crab : The Cerebral Catalyst
Hemp is My Pepsi (KISS Museum) : Zygote in my Coffee
p(eel) : Blue Mag
Gree-e-e-e-ns : Haggard & Halloo
our love : remark.
in a way, : remark.
wee speak : Boh�me
Sweet Dreams in Stone : Boh�me
night-night : Lit Chaos
Chuckwagon : Lit Chaos
a quick search reveals : Lit Chaos
penguin w/ amnesia : Lit Chaos
88.5 FM : Lit Chaos
something's broken on TV : Thieves Jargon
7mm wiggle eyes : Zygote in my Coffee #51


Homeland Security : :::nostress:::
leave me alone today : Lunatic Chameleon
exploring inner spaces : Lunatic Chameleon
is this your idea of a hot chocolate joke? : Lunatic Chameleon
Elephant Garden : Misanthropists Anonymous
Oh, Fish Eat Bugs, Too : Misanthropists Anonymous
pyramids on the side : Misanthropists Anonymous
God Eats Applesauce : Misanthropists Anonymous
nice pattern, Rabbit! : Haggard & Halloo
rapid missle action : Zygote in my Coffee #50
annuit coeptis : Boh�me
Howdy : Boh�me
nice bug softy : LitVision
5:15 AM : LitVision
Jack's Diner : Thick with Conviction
Near Santa Fe, NM : Thick with Conviction
short commercial break : Thick with Conviction
theater tickets : Zygote in my Coffee #49
citizen model: X-ACT : MindFire
a basket of baby tarantulas : Underground Window
a shower & tea : Underground Window
Killing a second or two, I yodeled into my granola : Underground Window
001 -- Tokyo Breakfast : Underground Window
jazz odyssey : Underground Window
scarab skull : Underground Window
Haiku No. 67 : Underground Window
big bopper, comet : Underground Window
we clean : Underground Window
iced-tea & cheese popcorn : Underground Window


Another Poem About Pants : :::nostress:::
cornbread : Haggard & Halloo
I'm eating my hands : Paradox Poetry
dude. : Zygote in my Coffee #48
ant poem : StrangeRoad
la da dee dee, la dee da da : StrangeRoad
bloodlord : StrangeRoad
the science fair for grown-ups : StrangeRoad
the tenor saxophonist : StrangeRoad
easy if you try : StrangeRoad
too mad (angry) to speak? : StrangeRoad
Discreto como pedo de monja (As discreet as a nun's fart) : StrangeRoad
an owl in the cornfield on xmas morning : Haggard & Halloo
Rules Are Rules : Zygote in my Coffee #47
should I? : Megaera
supernews about the baby : Megaera
(This is the "Note") : Megaera
Smiling Copperhead : Megaera
Sunday : Word Riot
unemployment poem : Word Riot
oh, all right : Word Riot
red ant extract in tiny crystal vials : Boh�me
Se�or Robot Finds a Way to Explain : :::nostress:::
Where Am I? : Asinine Poetry


Curb Check : Misanthropists Anonymous
Throw Away Your Dream Dictionaries : Misanthropists Anonymous
What's the difference? : Misanthropists Anonymous
Mr. Crispy vs. The Happy Math Wizard : DADA Yow!
Ol' Ezra vs. The Magnet Man & His Noise Machines : DADA Yow!
The King of Thieves vs. The Super-Cowboy Marlowe Bros. : DADA Yow!
amplitude modulation : Haggard & Halloo
Hell, I wrote it! : Zygote in my Coffee #46
4 rings : Defenestration
everyday overlord : Thieves Jargon
A quarter-stick of dog shit : Thieves Jargon
jungle man for a new tomorrow : Thieves Jargon
canteen full of gasoline : The Unholy Biscuit
(in a space where the water flows like women) : The Unholy Biscuit
plaster your capsule with pod posters : The Unholy Biscuit
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secret chomp atmospheric bitters : Zygote in my Coffee #45
teach me to breathe : hutt 2.1
I'm down to my last pine cone : Boh�me
untitled dream : Boh�me
That's It - It's Over : The Dream People

JULY 2005

ghost eggs in a black basket (reprint) : Megaera Anthology Vol. 1
Haiku No. 208 : :::nostress:::
jimi : :::nostress:::
sit on your lily pad : :::nostress:::
Look at the Wildflowers, Mr. P. : Haggard & Halloo
strange day : Zygote in my Coffee #44
the flavor parade : Canopic Jar
tingling nerve wad : Canopic Jar
Under Duster : Zygote in My Coffee #43
At 11 o'clock, it's 39 degrees... : Haggard & Halloo
Anaconda in a Bottle : The Sidewalk's End
Slivers of butter on me casket... : :::nostress:::
blimp ship number seven : Boh�me
easy denim drill sgt. : The TMP Irregular

JUNE 2005

1 haiku : tinywords
Black coffee zombie code 27 : Zygote in My Coffee #42
cloaked bubble cluster : ken*again
laughing dolphins : ken*again
I stood there, examining my own fingerprints : ken*again
eventually : Mastodon Dentist
we don't die - we multiply! : Zygote in My Coffee #41
This is the oil slick : Haggard & Halloo
I can say everything : Lunatic Chameleon
SHOUTING @ ME : Lunatic Chameleon
free tour : Lunatic Chameleon
a tingling pointed head : Switchback

MAY 2005

Xylophone Cake Fish :::nostress:::
captive number 452103757 : Zygote in My Coffee #40
crackle pop radio news overlapping : Haggard & Halloo
the power of picante : DADA Yow!
near the small isalnds where frogs sing arias & bumblebees make honey pies : DADA Yow!
nice knife out tonight : DADA Yow!
Pizza of the Artist as a Young Man : Lunatic Chameleon
Specialty Toppings : Lunatic Chameleon
Regarding My Hesitation in Submitting an Anti-Bush Poem : Lunatic Chameleon
gold fronts for your birthday : Zygote in My Coffee #39
this will take the bite right out of the beast : Idiot's Manifesto Issue 4
in the woods with wolves : Idiot's Manifesto Issue 4
drowning in octopus ink : My Favorite Bullet Vol. VI Issue III
Month : My Favorite Bullet Vol. VI Issue III
Eadar da theine Bhealltuinn : :::nostress:::
St. Ides of March : Zygote in My Coffee #38
earthbound capsule : Get Underground
Goat Woof : Lit Chaos

APRIL 2005

ZAP! : Haggard & Halloo
in a garbage truck, taking notes : Dada, Surrealism & Absurdism
The Universe at the End of the Restaurant : Dada, Surrealism & Absurdism
this song is for your scaly feet : Dada, Surrealism & Absurdism
vanilla-banana alabama pajamas : Haggard & Halloo
unchained : Zygote in My Coffee #37
Room K at the Horror Hotel : Sein und Werden the fourth
toothsome : Sein und Werden the fourth
chained to the speakers : Zygote in My Coffee #36
Kathy Rhinestones : :::nostress:::
eggshell sand + molten ice mist : Ten Thousand Monkeys
mornin' : Ten Thousand Monkeys
Yellow Rabbit Works it Out : Ten Thousand Monkeys
three feet & a pair of flashing arrows : Misanthropists Anonymous
lump sums held in one's throat : Misanthropists Anonymous
Gone Again : Misanthropists Anonymous
Boulder: 9/12/01 : Misanthropists Anonymous
new bug one : Prose Toad
extra sauce is extra sauce : Prose Toad
monster make mess : Prose Toad
egress : Prose Toad
aspic : Prose Toad
polite bus poem : Prose Toad
el burro : Prose Toad
android plaid : Prose Toad

MARCH 2005

a mile for a camel : The Persistent Mirage
How'd you like to be stuck here? : The Persistent Mirage
bring your black widow robot : Zygote in My Coffee #35
fortune cookie : hutt 1.4
Ukiah No. 125 : Main Channel Voices
Ukiah No. 228 : Main Channel Voices
I need a [good] photo of myself... : Lunatic Chameleon
Thumper in the Rockies : Thieves Jargon
like a donkey's smarter than I am : Zygote in My Coffee #34
Rat Salad, Please : :::nostress:::
Walden 2020 : Megaera
hey, wouldn't you like to turn on? : Megaera
incense lesson : Megaera
Helicopter Ambulance Service : decomP


a pig's desks : Haggard & Halloo
California, Sunday 10:02 A.M. : Asinine Poetry
the bulldozing of rib cages : Zygote in My Coffee #33
MINUS MCGEE : San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly
3 Pops for Jack : San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly
Space Face : Sein und Werden the third
Hazelnut : Cyanide
In Hoc Signo Vinces : :::nostress:::
KFC : Asinine Poetry


The Radd Report : Zygote in my Coffee #32
The Monster : Thieves Jargon
decoy hearse : Zygote in my Coffee #31
Ol' Ezra the Astro-naut : Blue Mag
Antipodal Dream Sequence : :::nostress:::


I'll Let You Feed Me Now : 2005 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar
ding-dong : Zygote in my Coffee #30
Friday Night : Zygote in my Coffee #29
pumpkins & cider : Zygote in my Coffee #28
inside the jar : San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly


police activity + radio : :::nostress:::
blood typo : Zygote in my Coffee #27
My Name is Monster : Zygote in my Coffee #26
Iggy Pop : Zygote in my Coffee #25
head crabs : tin lustre mobile
Elhoim : tin lustre mobile
beach dream : tin lustre mobile
The Ace of Numbers and His All-Natural Friends : tin lustre mobile
plasmatic sunshine : tin lustre mobile
1100 - 3003 : tin lustre mobile
hope comes floating up from the drain : tin lustre mobile


hold on to something : Spent Meat Issue 17
46 : Defenestration
me me me : Defenestration
5 Spring Haikoids : Paradox Poetry
quid nunc : :::nostress:::
The Ace of Stars : Boh�me


haiku 12 : Zygote in my Coffee #21
Black Ghost Apple Man : Zygote in my Coffee #20
duplicate snowflakes : Defenestration
from the mailbag : Defenestration
reason for leaving? : Defenestration
team green : Zygote in my Coffee #19
Zaxx Keef : Boh�me
mushroom salad : Boh�me
Question Mark the Sun Spot : Toasted Cheese : Editor's Choice
three television skulls : Megaera
sudden shower : Megaera
amen w/ caramel apple smarty : Megaera


ITEM #499 : Zygote in my Coffee #18
a face alive w/ expression : Zygote in my Coffee #17
my guarantee : Zygote in my Coffee #16
Blonde Volume Knob I-X : :::nostress:::
Redface : Spent Meat Issue 16

JULY 2004

trek : Zygote in my Coffee : Poem of the Week
a random interruption: : asinine poetry
interruption obstacle : :::nostress:::

JUNE 2004

kitchen-x : :::nostress:::


HEAD:code : Paradox Poetry


HOW-TO CRE:ATE: Blue M:OO:N EGG$ > : :::nostress:::


New Pony Express : sidereality Vol. 2 Issue 4
11th St. Station #1 : sidereality Vol. 2 Issue 4


(let me walk around the corner) : Revolution No. 1
some kind of wolf strut : Revolution No. 1
at the front in a star suit : Revolution No. 1
EASY FOR YOU : Revolution No. 1
phantom rats : Revolution No. 1
peace & quiet for spider time : Megaera
ghost eggs in a black basket : Megaera
helios : Megaera


heavy with bunny smiles : the muse apprentice guild

JUNE 2003

Bernalillo, NM Board of Tourism : Spent Meat Issue 5
stick your neck out : Spent Meat Issue 4
10 haikoids : Paradox Poetry
It's a Joy : remark.
this isn't a ransom note : remark.
laundry list for x-ray clowns (version) : Unlikely Stories
packaged meat : Unlikely Stories
big nice nasty : Unlikely Stories
amazing pace : Unlikely Stories
What It Is : Unlikely Stories
a waxy yellow leaf : The Swamp
bird words : The Swamp
as an old man, solo : The Swamp

MAY 2003

pest control : The Swamp
spiderleg apostrophe inkblot : the muse apprentice guild
motorcycle gang rolling down the coast : the muse apprentice guild
alone in the time lab : the muse apprentice guild
low end : the muse apprentice guild
build a big white shed : the muse apprentice guild
My Dear Canned Yams, : the muse apprentice guild
three-state sugar spree : the muse apprentice guild
n.i.n.e. : the muse apprentice guild
The Amazing Changing Face : the muse apprentice guild
cotton balls between her toes : the muse apprentice guild
Kitchen Crew 22 : the muse apprentice guild
the master of earth mathematics : the muse apprentice guild
hair tail : the muse apprentice guild
New Mexican Blues : The Swamp

MARCH 2003

Xenon (haiku) : The Poetic Table of the Elements
a funky burner: : Snow Monkey
tomorrow mind : Snow Monkey
Green Dwarf : The Best of The Dream People Poets
Butter Your Beef (reprint) : The Best of The Dream People Poets
The Sharpshooter (reprint) : The Best of The Dream People Poets
loaded w/ creatures (reprint) : The Best of The Dream People Poets
A Week's Worth of Kittens (reprint) : The Best of The Dream People Poets


some other places : the muse apprentice guild
Thunderlord & His Boiling Coffee : the muse apprentice guild
when the wet dogs come growling in the morning : the muse apprentice guild
unexpected monkey teeth in a dream about fish : the muse apprentice guild
Black Jesus, Part 1 : the muse apprentice guild
101 years young : the muse apprentice guild
detail: violet snowflake cariacture : the muse apprentice guild
7 pesos : the muse apprentice guild
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miss manners : the muse apprentice guild
For Ornette Coleman : the muse apprentice guild
market research : the muse apprentice guild
Erutan : the muse apprentice guild
Pancake Breakfast : the muse apprentice guild
un- : the muse apprentice guild
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naked in a phone booth : the muse apprentice guild
(I)nstant open coil : the muse apprentice guild
jazz ghost now : the muse apprentice guild
there must be other places : the muse apprentice guild


For the Adultoids : Megaera
Lost in the Translation : Megaera


re-creation of the self: : Unlikely Stories
psychedelic viking helmet : Unlikely Stories
moonshine nightmare : Unlikely Stories
the red fish goat mask : Unlikely Stories
bone marrow brownies : Unlikely Stories


Ms Beta Breath : sidereality Vol. 1 Issue 4
crashing symbols : sidereality Vol. 1 Issue 4
417-430 : the muse apprentice guild
treasures like these : the muse apprentice guild
Excerpt from an Interview with a Gas Giant : the muse apprentice guild
slither : the muse apprentice guild
CODEX : the muse apprentice guild
Glasscock in Texas : the muse apprentice guild
abscissa : the muse apprentice guild
perspectivism (remix) : the muse apprentice guild
where the good lord split ya : the muse apprentice guild
GOD EYES : the muse apprentice guild
like blood for marshmallow nougat : the muse apprentice guild


bizarre I are : Dr. Madd Vibes
loaded w/ creatures : The Golden Wings Anthology

JULY 2002

supernova stargirl : VO!CE #41

JUNE 2002

A Week's Worth of Kittens : The Dream People
Hoth :
butter your beef :
Pieces of Pisces :
The Sharpshooter :
candy crayon flame sprayer :
Ukiah No. 208 : Plain Brown Wrapper
Ukiah No. 187 : Plain Brown Wrapper
Ukiah No. 104 : Plain Brown Wrapper
Ukiah No. 53 : Plain Brown Wrapper
violence in the cantina : Plain Brown Wrapper
basic text: live (ez) : Plain Brown Wrapper
side/walk : Plain Brown Wrapper
La Bamba for White Boys : Plain Brown Wrapper
12th & Zodiac : Plain Brown Wrapper
hold bongo : Plain Brown Wrapper
the horse people : Joey and the Black Boots #38
Single White Monkey : Joey and the Black Boots #38
nature boy : remark.
Greenleaf Park : remark.
(in)finite (im)possibilities : Spent Angel Press
on the basketball court this morning : Spent Angel Press
Ukiah No. 67 : Spent Angel Press
humble butterfly : Spent Angel Press
blood fire : Pig Iron Malt
Occidental Spaces : Pig Iron Malt
For Anna Mary Robertson, on Her Birthday : Pig Iron Malt

MAY 2002

third time this week : The ShadowShow
neWine : The ShadowShow
seemingly seamlessly : The ShadowShow
beach dream : The ShadowShow
Jonny the Kid : EOTU Ezine
Haiku No. 2 : Shadow Poetry
Haiku No. 1 : Shadow Poetry

APRIL 2002

there I was w/ a 2-for-1 taco coupon : Unlikely Stories
Daze Inn : Unlikely Stories
theme for a dog : Unlikely Stories
time bone / time bomb : Unlikely Stories
police teeth : Unlikely Stories

MARCH 2002

surplus moonlight this month : Fluid Ink Press
reflections of breakfast : Fluid Ink Press
n-words : remark.
stop requested : remark.
fast-food watercolor : remark.


rat salad : Unlikely Stories
deserted isle : Unlikely Stories
adventure team tryouts tomorrow : Unlikely Stories
we're born wet : Unlikely Stories
stone face, tongue of dust : Unlikely Stories


what happened to that 20 lbs. of buffalo? : Spent Angel Press
motion defector : Spent Angel Press
plastic coyote on my bookshelf : Spent Angel Press

Print Anthologies Featuring J. D.

Green Panda Press Anthology (2006)
From A Common Spring, Vol. 2 (2006)
Megaera Anthology Volume 1 (2005)
The Best of The Dream People Poets (2003)
The Golden Wings Anthology of World Poetry (2002)

Collaborations & Group Blogs

The Great Poetry Train #1 (collaboration) : Lit Chaos
Taking the Brim __Took the Broom
Dada Yow : One Line Experiment

- William S. Burroughs

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes, "Awww!"
- Jack Kerouac

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PO Box 6114
Boulder, CO 80306 U$A


"Dimensional travel without removing your sneakers."
- Unhero Eddie, poet and musician

J. D. Nelson's fourth self-published chapbook contains previously unpublished work written in 2008.

Read a review by Unhero Eddie.

Read a review by Bruce Hodder.

(Currently out of print)

8 August, 2008

it resembles itself

"Written to destroy the reader's mind."
- Christopher Robin, Editor, Zen Baby

J. D. Nelson's third self-published chapbook contains work written in 2007, including several poems unavailable elsewhere.

Read a review by Christopher Robin.

(Currently out of print)

29 February, 2008


J. D. Nelson's second self-published chapbook contains work written between 2006 and 2007, including several poems unavailable elsewhere.

Read a review by Unhero Eddie.

Read a review by Michael Grover.

(Currently out of print)

1 August, 2007


"A psychedelic alien invasion."
- Michael Grover, Editor, CPJournal

J. D. Nelson's first chapbook of poetry collects some of the author's most bizarre and experimental work written between the years 2001 and 2006, including several previously unpublished poems.

Read a review by Michael Grover.

Read a review by David Blaine.

(Currently out of print)

31 October, 2006


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The second volume in the Virtual Chemists series features Spiders in my Beard, a collection of 25 poems by J. D. Nelson.

May, 2007


July, 2008 : J. D. interviewed at Lit Chaos

July, 2007 : J. D. interviewed by Sean Kilpatrick


J. D. Nelson records his audio experiments under the name OWL BRAIN ATLAS.
Visit to hear his audio poetry, spoken noise, ambient word, lo-fi noise poems, electroacoustic sound art & more.


KBOO Dada & Surrealism Festival
Aug 27-31, 2008

DADA YOW! Knotcast #11b : 3 tracks
June, 2007

Mad Hatter's Review : 5 tracks
January, 2006


Audio recordings, interviews, poetry readings, live performances and culture hacking on the radio, 1990-2008

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ZRadio (Internet) Philadelphia, PA
KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, OR

Spoken Word


092607 : 11:55 PM
. . . . .

The waitress brought me another drink. She wanted to light my hurricane lamp again. I wouldn't let her.
"Can you see anything in the dark, with your sunglasses on?" she asked me.
"The big show is inside my head," I said.
Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

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Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.
- Charles Bukowski

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